You can be a more efficient mother

From the moment you begin to plan to be a mother or find out you are expecting a baby, you start to love your baby with no conditions. You fight, work and turn yourself into the better woman for your child.

To be even more efficient with caring for your child, these following suggestions will be very useful:

1. Build up their self-esteem:

Encourage them and support your child through difficult moments. Help them to trust themselves and to grow up being a kid with no fear, sadness, etc.

2. Your children are first:

If you have smaller children make sure you can organize getting time off from work for any school celebrations. You don’t want to miss their first day at school, birthdays and graduations.

If you are at home, don’t forget your children still need your attention. SO stop what you are doing and spend time with your little one.

3. Protect them:

This is your main task. One of the main ways to protect them is by getting medical insurance, life insurance, and financial security, etc. One of the most important things that you should teach your children are basic safety measures like calling 911, in case of emergency.

4. Hug them:

Everyone loves hugs and they tell your children that you love and want to protect them. Show them how to be affectionate and kind with others who love and care for them. Teaching your children to hug will allow them to learn how to express their emotions.

5. Play with them:

Take time to spend with your children, this will help you to know their likes and dislikes, abilities with certain games. Put aside the videogames and take them to a park to jump, skip and run a little. This is a very simple, cheap and healthy way of having fun together.

6. Teach them:

Teach them to respect women in general, especially because you are a woman but they need to learn that every woman deserves to have respect, no matter the reason.

7. Teach them to save:

Go shopping with your child and get them to choose their favorite piggybank. There they can save any money that you give them or gifts from others. Explain to your kid, that once he has a considerable amount, you can both go buy whatever they desire. This will teach your children that everything has a price. Nothing is easy!

Evaluate which of these suggestions are your strengths and weaknesses. The benefits are not just for you but also for your children.