Laying Low

We did it.

We lowered The Poop’s cot to its third position. To its lowest rung. To the final level.
It’s not a big deal, right?  She’s safer this way. She’s more secure.
After catching her standing at the bars snatching viciously at the new blinds, while laughing (I’ll give you something to laugh about lady), lowering the cot is definitely a most sensible idea.
But now it’s on the final level.
Still, after Boo’s recent obsession with cutting her teeth by chomping away at the top of the wooden bar, and her general disinterest in potential splinters sharding off into her gums, dropping the cot is most certainly a good idea.
But now it’s on the final level. 
Although now, as she cruises around her cot, gripping on tight to the bars as she goes, if she does stumble, she won’t catch her chin on the top of the bar as she goes down. So sinking the cot to its last setting was absolutely the right thing to do.
But now it’s on the final level.
The only other thing we can do with that cot now is turn it into a junior bed. That’s right. A bed.
Pah! So what, you’re thinking. So the cot’s on its final level. So it’s nearly an actual bed.
Big deal. Not bothered. Who cares?