Cathey Briars, 28 – wife, daughter, sister, grandaughter, friend, teacher, tea-drinker, optimist, house cleaner, late comer, Micra driver, people watcher, bargain hunter, Virgoan, Corrie fan, cynic. Non maternal new mother with first child, Betty, born on Tuesday 20th September 11, after a 37 and a half hour labour. Yeah. Thanks for that. Where Is My Funny Mummy? Geograhically? St Helens, Merseyside. Literally? Trying her very best to find time to be sitting at this computer. Psychologically? In a perpetual state of neurotic rush, whilst also finding time to poke fun at herself/other people/the world. Metaphorically? Up a farcically long, unknown, odd smelling creek, armed only with a snapped, irritatingly small, colander style paddle, which has been sponsored by the You Have Got To Be Kidding Me Association. Map please!!